Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek Corridor

A Natural Sanctuary

Turkey Creek flows from its headwaters in Clay, in northeastern Jefferson County, through the City of Pinson and unincorporated areas, before its confluence with the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River northwest of Morris and Kimberly. Turkey Creek is extremely rich in biodiversity and is home to three critically endangered species of fish: the vermilion darter, the watercress darter, and the rush darter. The vermilion darter occurs only in Turkey Creek and nowhere else in the world, and the rush and watercress darters are found in only a handful of other locations in Alabama. the presence of these and other important species provides a unique opportunity to protect Turkey Creek's habitat and to create outstanding public recreation destinations.

In 2003, the Freshwater Land Trust and Alabama's Forever Wild Land Trust Program established a 466-acre nature preserve just northwest of Pinson, in the heart of the Turkey Creek Corridor. The Turkey Creek Nature Preserve offers an incredible recreational opportunity, and includes a trail system and an environmental education center that serves thousands of students each year. These and similar projects conducted by the Freshwater Land Trust, the Society to Advance the Resources of Turkey Creek (START), and the cities of Clay and Pinson are helping to ensure that this special stream will be protected for the enjoyment of future generations.


The Turkey Creek Corridor includes the municipalities of Clay and Pinson. The remainder of the corridor is within unincorporated Jefferson County.

Overall Corridor Distance

10.7 Miles

Featured Trails

Cheney Rail Greenway I - This proposed rail-to-trail greenway begins at Carson Road, near Jefferson State Community College, and follows the historic Cheney Railroad northeast towards Pinson to Highway 131.

Cheney Rail Greenway II - This proposed rail-to-trail greenway begins at Highway 131, and continues to follow the historic Cheney Railroad northeast through Pinson to the Beltline Greenway and beyond.

Sunhill Road Trail - This proposed street-based trail travels from Carson Road to 5th Place NW. A road-diet is suggested to convert 5-lanes to 3-lanes with a bike lane on each side of the road. Existing sidewalks are in place.

Other Trails

Trail Name Trail Type Length
New Castle Road Trail H 0.5 mi
Narrows Road North Trail H 2.6 mi
Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Trail
Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Greenway
Turkey Creek Greenway I K 1.2 mi
Turkey Creek Greenway II K 0.2 mi
Turkery Creek Greenway III K 0.6 mi
Bud Holmes Road Greenway B 0.6 mi
Goodwin/Hollow Road Trail E 0.5 mi
Turkey Creek Greenway IV K 1.4 mi
Shadow Lake Greenway K 0.7 mi
Roberts Drive Trail J 0.2 mi
Old Camp Cosby Lake Greenway B 0.8 mi
Steeple Chase Drive Trail I 0.7 mi
Clay-Chalkville Greenway B 0.4 mi
New Castle Road Trail H 8.1 mi
Narrows Road South H 0.8 mi
Cheney Rail Greenway I C 2.7 mi
Cheney Rail Greenway II C 3.6 mi
Pinson Heights Road Trail I 0.3 mi
Old Pinson Road Trail I 0.2 mi
Jefferson State Parkway Greenway E 1.0 mi
Sunhill Road Trail J 0.8 mi
5th Place Northwest Trail I 0.3 mi
4th Street Northwest Trail I 0.6 mi
Sun Valley Road Trail I 1.6 mi
Old Springville Road Trail I H 1.0 mi
Old Springville Road Trail II H 1.9 mi
Cedar Mountain Road Scenic Trail H 11.2 mi