Five Mile Creek

Five Mile Creek Corridor

The Great Partnership

The Five Mile Creek Corridor lies within the Black Warrior watershed and cuts through the Ridge and Valley geographic area to the east and the Cumberland Plateau geographic area to the west.

This geographically diverse corridor has a unique history with agrarian roots that evolved to a mining industrial region that spurred the development of the metropolitan area of Birmingham. The corridor's tag line, ├ČThe Great Partnership,├« was derived from the cooperative efforts of six municipalities to plan and implement a publicly accessible greenway corridor along Five Mile Creek that will provide opportunities for public recreation and alternative transportation, as well as enhancing economic development while protecting water quality in the stream.

In 2002, an agreement establishing the Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership was signed by the municipalities of Center Point, Birmingham, Tarrant, Fultondale, Brookside, Graysville and the Jefferson County Commission. FWLT and the CAWACO RC&D Council are nonprofit members of the partnership. This partnership has been an exemplary model of cooperation among cities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses, which has received national attention. The partnership's efforts have resulted in the establishment of numerous new parks, greenways, walking trails, along with redevelopment of brownfields and substantial improvements in water quality within Five Mile Creek.

The Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System Master Plan builds upon the excellent work of the Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership by incorporating the greenways and trails identified in a number of plans and studies the partnership has conducted, and adding to them additional recommended connections.


The Five Mile Creek Corridor includes the following municipalities: Center Point, Birmingham, Tarrant, Fultondale, Brookside, Graysville, Cardiff and Gardendale.

Overall Corridor Distance

35.6 Miles

Featured Trails

Cane Creek Branch Rail-to-Trail Greenway III - The proposed rail-to-trail greenway continues from the Brookside Greenway (34) trailhead along the route, passing the Watson Trail Head, along Powder Mill Road, and proceeding to the New Castle Road trail head. The greenway passes under Interstate-65 and US Highway-31 over New Castle Road on an existing wood structure.

Lewisburg Greenway - This proposed rail-to-trail greenway travels east from the Mary Lee Greenway along the rail crossing Five Mile Creek three times (using old abutments) traveling until the Cedar Street Trail. The proposed Boyles Gap Trail is located just east of Cedar Street and north of Boyles Lake and connects the Lewisburg Greenway with the Aqueduct Trail near Thompson Tractor.

Boyles Gap Greenway - This proposed rail-to-trail greenway travels east from the Lewisburg Greenway just above Boyles Lake through a culvert under New Boyles Rail Yard following Five Mile Creek to El Paso Gas Easement to Pinson Highway, then turning north and crossing at Thompson Tractor to connect with Tarrant Aqueduct Trail. One bridge crossing the creek is required as is signalization at Pinson Highway.

Springville Road Trail - This proposed street-based trail with sidewalks and bike lanes travels from Center Point Highway to Chalkville School Road traveling west to Reed Road passing Chalkville School.

Jefferson State Connector - This proposed street-based trail with sidewalks and bike lanes begins at the intersection of Carson Road and Sunhill Road, continues adjacent to the Jefferson State Community College Campus, turning south on Carson Road to 6th Street NW and then south on Five Mile Road. The trail turns in to Grayson Park for a dedicated bridge crossing over Center Point Greenway and then continues south along Five Mile Road. The trail turns west at Dalton Drive passing North Roebuck Elementary School and ending at Roebuck Park where connection to the Jones Valley Greenway can be made.

Other Trails

Trail Name Trail Type Length
Cane Creek Branch Rail-to-Trail Greenway I C 3.9 mi
Cane Creek Branch Rail-to-Trail Greenway II C 5.9 mi
Cane Creek Branch Rail-to-Trail Greenway III C 8.6 mi
New Castle Road Trail E 0.5 mi
Mary Lee Greenway C 1.8 mi
Lewisburg Greenway C 1.6 mi
Cedar Street Trail I 0.6 mi
Boyles Gap Greenway A 1.6 mi
South Aqueduct Greenway A 1.2 mi
Aqueduct Connector Trail
North Aqueduct Greenway A 1.8 mi
Center Point Greenway A 4.3 mi
Springville Road Trail F 3.3 mi
Huffman Five Mile Creek Greenway A 1.8 mi
Five Mile Creek Greenway at South Polly Reed Road I 0.5 mi
Reed Harvey Park Greenway
North Polly Reed Road Trail I 0.7 mi
Reed Harvey Greenway B 1.2 mi
Chalkville School Road Trail E 0.6 mi
Center Point Sports Center Greenway B 0.6 mi
Jefferson State Connector F 4.7 mi
Zion City Road Connector E 1.9 mi
Tarrant-Huffman Road Connector E 2.1 mi
Wharton Avenue Connector I 1.6 mi
40th Place North Connector E 1.2 mi
Main Street Graysville Trail I 4.6 mi
Brookside-Cardiff Connector H 4.8 mi
Cardiff Lynns Crossing Connector H 3.4 mi
Brookside Road Connector H 5.7 mi
Cherry Avenue Connector H 5.7 mi
Roberts Road Connector H 2.3 mi
Ellard Road Connector I 1.4 mi
Chapel Hills Trail
Newfound Creek Trail K 2.2 mi
Forestdale Connector H 3.4 mi
Shady Grove Greenway A 1.1 mi
Gardendale Soccer Complex Connector I 1.4 mi
Bivins Brookeside Road Connector H 1.2 mi
Brookside Greenways
VFW Rail Connector K 0.6 mi
Old US-78 Greenway A 1.5 mi
Magnolia Street Connector I 0.1 mi
Cardiff Trail K 2.3 mi
Parkway Christian Trail I 0.4 mi
Coalburg Road Connector H 1.8 mi
Tarrant Springs Branch Greenway K 1.2 mi
Ketona Lakes Mountain Bike Loop Greenway A 3.0 mi
Ketona Lakes Mountain Bike Loop I 1.1 mi
Five Mile Creek Nature Trail K 5.2 mi
Center Point Power Greenway A 1.7 mi
Park Place Connector Trail I 0.2 mi