Cahaba River

Cahaba River Corridor

The Living River

The Cahaba River flows along the southeastern border of Jefferson County and throughout the entire county, originating in Clay and continuing through the cities of Trussville, Irondale, Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, and Hoover. It is the the largest free-flowing river in the Alabama and is a nationally significant showcase of aquatic biodiversity. The Cahaba River also serves as the primary drinking water source for the Birmingham Metropolitan Area.

Even though the Cahaba River is a very popular recreational resource for canoeing, fishing, hiking, picnicking and bird watching, activities are restricted to only a handful of access points in Jefferson County, which limits its potential for public enjoyment and education. There is tremendous potential for the development of water-quality-sensitive streamside bicycle-pedestrian pathways along this corridor and the establishment of a series of well-designed canoe launches that afford the public easy access to the "Cahaba Blueway."


The Cahaba River Corridor includes the municipalities of Clay, Trussville, Leeds, Irondale, Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills and Hoover.

Overall Corridor Distance

61.4 Miles

Featured Trails

Deerfoot Parkway Trail - This proposed street-based trail and shared-use side path begins near Camp Coleman and the Cahaba River Greenway and travels northwest on Camp Coleman Road, crossing over Highway 11 onto Deerfoot Parkway. The trail continues to travel northwest, crossing over Interstate-59, and passing Clay-Chalkville High School. The trail ends at Old Springville Road.

Caldwell Mill Road Trail - This proposed street-based trail begins at the intersection of Highway 119 and Oak Mountain Park Road, and follows Highway 119 east to the intersection of Caldwell Mill Road. The trail turns northeast onto Caldwell Mill Road, passing Oak Mountain High School. The trail continues to travel north until it intersects with the Cahaba River and the canoe launch.

Cahaba Village Greenway - This proposed shared-use greenway is along a Birmingham Water Works easement from Cahaba Village into Cahaba Heights terminating at the Pipeline Road Trail at Dolly Ridge Road.

Gadsden Highway Trail - This proposed street-based trail follows Gadsden Highway (U.S. Highway 11) from Maple Avenue northeast to Camp Coleman Road.

Other Trails

Trail Name Trail Type Length
Cahaba River Canoe Trail I L 6.4 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail II L 1.6 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail III L 12.5 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail IV L 6.9 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail V L 7.9 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail VI L 2.1 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail VII L 1.5 mi
Cahaba River Canoe Trail VIII L 6.6 mi
Cahaba River Greenway I K 6.9 mi
Cahaba River Greenway II K 2.2 mi
Hewitt-Trussville Middle School I 0.6 mi
Trussville – Cahaba River Greenway K 4.1 mi
Chapel Lane Greenway A 4.3 mi
Oak Mountain Greenway G 4.3 mi
Rocky Ridge Road Trail H 8.0 mi
Little Shades Creek Greenway I A 4.4 mi
Valleydale Road Trail G 5.4 mi
Veterans Park Greenway A 0.6 mi
Valleydale Road Trail G 1.9 mi
Inverness Center Drive Greenway A 3.2 mi
Indian Valley Road Trail J 3.2 mi
Caldwell Mill Road Trail J 6.6 mi
Harwick Drive Trail I 0.4 mi
Sicard Hollow Trail H 7.8 mi
Overton Road Trail H 5.0 mi
Shades Crest Trail I 3.7 mi
Cahaba Heights Road Trail
Liberty Parkway Greenway B 2.8 mi
Rex Lake Road Trail G 7.0 mi
Grants Mill Road Trail I 2.2 mi
Grantswood Road Trail G 6.8 mi
City of Leeds Trail I 3.1 mi
Leeds Middle School Trail I 2.8 mi
Leeds Greenway K 4.8 mi
Floyd Bradford Road Trail H 6.0 mi
Queenstown Road Trail H 4.7 mi
Happy Hollow Road Trail H 5.1 mi
Deerfoot Parkway Trail G 6.6 mi
Trussville Trail H 2.3 mi
Hogpen Branch Greenway K 3.3 mi
Barber Motorsports Parkway A 0.4 mi
McCallum Park Connector I 0.5 mi
Little Shades Creek Greenway II
Trussville Clay Road Trail A 2.0 mi
Cougar Drive Trail I 0.6 mi
Clay Greenway A 1.8 mi
Irondale Greenway
Service Road Trail I 2.2 mi
Gadsden Highway Trail F 2.4 mi
Cahaba Village Greenway B 0.9 mi
Pipeline Road Trail I 0.4 mi
Boulder Canyon Loop Trail
Patchwork Farms Greenway B 0.6 mi
Patchwork Farms Trail I 1.1 mi
Veterans Park Connector 0.3 mi
Mountain Brook High Trail 0.7 mi
Overton Mine Trail 4.7 mi